Church of St. Anne, Westby Mills, Westby, Lancashire, PR4 3PL


Mass Times at  St. Anne

Sunday 08.45

For weekdays, please click on the bulletin icon below.​

Services & Sacramental Programmes

Little Church:

Meet every Sunday in term time and is open to children up to the age of 11.  We look at the day's Gospel and talk about how God loves us and what we can do to be good people.  We include age appropriate activities and hopefully have fun.  Leaders are Yvonne Stewart, Marry Cuffe, Katie Wilson & Frank Curran.

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Parents wishing to have their child baptised are asked to make an appointment to see Father

Kevin.  If you are residing outside the Parish of St. Anne Church and do not attend Mass at

the church you will be asked to contact your Parish Priest to request permission for your

child's baptism to be celebrated at  St. Anne Church, Westby. 

At an initial meeting, the meaning and purpose of Baptism will be looked at.  You are asked not to choose godparents until you have met with Father Kevin.  The preparation will continue over a few sessions, during this time a date for your child's baptism will be fixed.

Reconciliation & First Holy Communion

Children in Year 3 and above are eligible for these Sacraments.  Information for enrolement in

preparation will be available through the Parish bulletin in January 2017 or please email

Mary Cuffe or Yvonne Stewart @


It is over two years since we last had Confirmations in the parish. It is time we looked at a possible date in 2016/17. Before we can book a date with Bishop Michael we need to find out how many candidates we have. Any children, who will be in Year 6 or above during the school year 2016/17, are invited to prepare for Confirmation by writing a letter to Father Kevin requesting confirmation and giving contact details. We will leave this open for a few weeks, see how many candidates we have and then make plans.

Marriage Preparation

If you are planning to marry in the Catholic Church, speak to Father Kevin before

making any arrangements regarding date or venue.  A minimum of six months

notice of an intended marriage is required.  Once it is established that both parties

are free to marry in the Catholic Church, the preparation can begin.