The Life of an Altar Boy

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Confirmation - 11th July '19

On Thursday 11th July, three more of our congregation, Carys, Carla and Georgina, who also happen to be altar servers, took their final sacrament into the Catholic Church by being confirmed at Holy Family Freckleton by Bishop Paul and Father Burns. Bishop Paul said "These events bring natural families and parish families together in a wonderful spirit of joy and life. After a day at work and school, people made the effort to prepare themselves for something very different. The gift of the Holy Spirit is given so that we can give witness to the life of Jesus to those amongst whom we live. It is gift to be generously shared". After the service the congregation and the newly “Confirmed” went to the hall to celebrate some more. All in all its been a busy time but a joyous one. God bless them all and May Gods love surround them always and may many blessings come to them as they follow on life’s way.

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We would love you to join us at St. Anne Church, Westby Mills which is located on Weeton Road, near Wrea Green and is a church where everyone is welcome.  The church is usually open during the day. Sunday Mass is usually at 08.45am and we gather for coffee afterwards.  Due to the Coronavirus, the church is closed but we are having a virtual mass every Sunday at 10.00am.  Please click on the Facebook logo above to watch the mass (Videos of previous masses can be found in the Information box below )

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First Holy Communion - 30th June '19

The sun shone and Amelia and Brandon both took their First Holy Communion at St Annes. The church was full of family and friends to celebrate and share the wonderful occasion of them taking the Eucharist for the first time. The two children attend other schools but wanted to come to St Annes to make their vow to God, as they are regular attendees to the church. It was lovely to see how they take their commitment to God so seriously after many weeks of preparation from their teacher, Irene Fullerton. After we had refreshments in the garden with cake and coffee. The children ran around in the glorious sunshine feeling love of Christ within their hearts. The parents and grandparents all gathered to congratulate them. It will be lovely to see them take their communion each week and be truly immersed in the church of St Anne. 

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We are living in very strange and surreal times and I think we need to encourage each other.  With this in mind we have created a Facebook page for our Parishes of Holy Family Freckleton & St Anne’s Westby.  Holy Mass is streamed every Sunday at 10am until further notice.  Please could you share and spread the buzz.  Please click on the Facebook link, previous masses can also be seen by clicking on the link below.

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Standing Orders :I know this time isn’t going to be easy for all of us physically, mentally, spiritually and financially but can I make an appeal as your Parish Priest.  The Parish is going to be hit financially through this period because there will be no collections, so we are asking if it be possible for our parishioners to contribute by Standing Order.  The Parish will be still need to pay the monthly levy to the Diocese.  Please email for details.  Your contributions will be very much appreciated.

Mass Offerings : If you would like a mass said for a loved one, please put the offering in an envelope and give it straight to Father Jim. He will then let Mary and Carole know for the bulletin. 

2020 MISSION APPEALS IN OUR PARISHES - The Xaverian Missionaries have been allocated to the Diocese for 2020 Mission Appeals. I do hope that parishes will be generous in inviting the missionaries, and I know that they will be well cared for during their stay.