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Priest in Charge - Father Mathew Pinakkattu

Church of St. Anne, Westby Mills, Westby, Lancashire, PR4 3PL


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​​Rogation Sunday on May 13th - This year starting at West View Farm, Greenhalgh, PR4 3HL at 6:30 p.m. Please see Our Diary page for further details.

Coffee Morning - May 23rd - 10.30-12.30 at 12 The Brooklands.  Book stall, mixed tombola, cake stall.  Donations of books and mixed tombola items would be appreciated.  Thank you, Paddy.

Church Music Day 2nd June 2018 - At Our Lady Star of the Sea 10- 2pm. Some of our small church choir are planning to go to this day.  We then hope to introduce some new music to our celebration of Mass on Sundays.  We need help!! We would love it if some other parishioners joined us - you don’t need to be a fine singer to sing at Westby!!! Anyone who can play a musical instrument would be very welcome too. It will be a fun day, if you are interested please ask Jane or Cath for more details.

All I ask of you is that,

wherever you may be,

you should remember me

at the altar of the Lord

St. Monica

revelations. The narration of the visit of the magi in the Gospel (Mt 2: 1-12), describes three different way to respond to the voice of God. The first attitude is represented by king Herod, who heard about the birth of Jesus, wanted to eliminate Him. We may also try to eliminate God from our lives, because He may constrain and correct our current way of life.

The second attitude towards God’s revelation is represented by the priests and scribes who ignored Jesus. In this modern world many ignore religion or certain indifference with regard to the religious life is increasing.

The third attitude is represented by the magi who adored Jesus and contemplated mystery of incarnation. I hope one of our resolutions for this new year is to spend some time everyday to adore and contemplate the mystery of our faith. 

                                                                                                                         Fr. Mathew Pinakkattu

The Church of St Anne, Westby successfully secured a grant from the Government's Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund to address urgent roof repairs.  Please click on the logo below to be directed to the website

MEDAILLE TRUST - After the meeting at Holy Family with Steven Burrowes, a few of Holy Family and St Anne’s parishioners have got together to discuss ways we can help the new Medaille Trust House in Widnes to kit it out with much needed essentials.  Please click on the link for more details on Medaille Trust.

Message from Father Mathew

We have entered in the Ordinary Time of the liturgical year. This season is to live what we have celebrated in advent, Christmas and epiphany. Those great celebrations were meant to strengthen our faith and now this ordinary time proves whether those celebrations strengthened our faith. The daily trials of life are the test of the strength of our faith.

God speaks to us everyday in our life through our conscious, parents, friends, especially in the Word of God and in the Holy Mass celebration. It is up to each one of us to decide how to react to God’s inspirations and 

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Tributes to Father Kevin 

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New Parishioners are always welcome

We would love you to join us at St. Anne Church, Westby Mills which is located on Weeton Road, near Wrea Green and is a church where everyone is welcome.  The church is usually open during the day.  Sunday Mass is at 08.45am and we gather for coffee afterwards, please join us.  

You can find more information about St. Anne church on this website but if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to  send an email via the Contact page.

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